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Are your joints feeling stiff when you get out of bed on a morning, or after getting up from your chair?

Or have you suffered for years with sore joints in your knee, hips, or shoulders that flare up after a busy weekend surfing, playing pickleball, or working out?

If so, you’re probably worried about what the future looks like – are you going to have to slow down, rely on pills more than you’d like, and just accept painful joints?

The good news is that you don’t have to be resigned to a life of joint pain and stiffness.

In this blog, we’ll debunk common myths about joint health, delve into the importance of exercise and recovery, and reveal one of the worst culprits behind joint inflammation.

Plus, we’ll give you a sneak peek of our upcoming workshop that promises to provide valuable insights into keeping your joints pain-free and mobile.

Dangerous Myths about Joint Health

Myth 1: I need to run or jump to build bone mass

Many believe that high-impact activities are the only way to strengthen bones. While these activities can help, low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, or resistance training are equally effective.

The key is consistency and finding exercise that you enjoy – our group pain relief exercise classes in our Newport Beach clinic are perfect for this (and you can get an unlimited taster week for $1 by clicking HERE)

Myth 2: Food choices have no effect on joint health

Your diet plays a crucial role in joint health. Anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish, berries, and leafy greens can help reduce inflammation.

Conversely, a diet high in processed foods and sugar can worsen joint pain.

So make sure that you don’t ignore the importance of the food you’re eating on a regular basis.

Myth 3: Taking an anti-inflammatory medication regularly isn’t that bad for my health

Long-term use of anti-inflammatory medications can have adverse effects on your health, including gastrointestinal issues.

It’s essential to explore alternative methods for managing pain and inflammation, and that’s one of the common reasons people visit our clinic – for safe, proven, and natural joint pain relief.

Importance of Exercise and the Right Recovery Plan

Exercise is wonderful for your health

Regular exercise supports joint health by strengthening muscles and improving flexibility. And as a bonus, it also helps with weight management, which can reduce joint strain.

Exercise causes “stuck soft tissue,” and so does STRESS

Stress can lead to tension in soft tissues, contributing to joint discomfort.

Incorporating stress-reduction techniques like meditation or yoga can be as important as physical exercise.

Optimized recovery minimizes the downsides of a productive life

Balancing a busy, active life with adequate recovery time is essential.

Overworking without proper recovery can lead to burnout and an increased risk of injury.

So while you can enjoy a very active lifestyle – like many of our clients who are in their retirement and can run rings around people 20 years younger than them – you need to have a recovery strategy after busy weekends, or those days where you simply don’t stop.

Doubling Your Recovery Speed From Exercise & Sports With NEUBIE

NEUBIE technology is a groundbreaking advancement in the field of joint health.

Its capacity to accelerate adaptation in muscles, blood vessels, and nerves not only sets the stage for long-term repair but also complements and enhances traditional therapeutic approaches such as Physical Therapy.

The four major ways NEUBIE technology can help you are…

Muscle Length and Mobility

NEUBIE technology takes the concept of muscle adaptation to a whole new level. By stimulating muscles with precision and control, it encourages not only increased muscle strength but also enhanced muscle length and mobility.

For individuals dealing with joint stiffness or limited range of motion, this can be a game-changing development so you aren’t waking up in the morning with stiff joints, or struggling to get moving after a short drive in the car.

Strength Gains

Whether you’re recovering from joint injuries or simply aiming to maintain joint health, strength is crucial. NEUBIE technology provides a platform for faster and better strength gains. The targeted muscle activation it offers can help you build strength more efficiently, which is essential for joint stability and overall physical health.

Pain Reduction

Chronic joint pain can be debilitating and significantly impact your quality of life.

NEUBIE technology has shown promise in effectively reducing pain and many clients experience tangible improvements after just one session!

Tissue Repair, Including Cartilage

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of NEUBIE technology is its potential to support tissue repair, including cartilage.

Cartilage, a crucial component of joint health, is notoriously challenging to regenerate – which is why your injuries may be lasting for much longer than you’d expect, and keep coming back.

NEUBIE technology’s ability to enhance tissue repair mechanisms offers hope for individuals with joint issues, as it may contribute to the preservation and restoration of cartilage.

With NEUBIE technology, individuals desperate to improve joint health can look forward to faster and more substantial improvements in muscle length, strength, pain reduction, and tissue repair, including the vital cartilage that cushions and protects our joints.

It’s a promising avenue for those who feel like they’ve tried everything before, and still want to become pain-free, more mobile, and get resilient joints that can handle their active lifestyle.

One of the Worst Food Types for Joint Health – Grain

Gluten is highly inflammatory

Gluten, found in wheat and related grains, is known to be highly inflammatory.

It can lead to chronic inflammation, which is linked to joint issues, so if your joints aren’t getting better, this could be a factor why.

Chronic inflammation – causes fibrin build-up

Chronic inflammation can trigger the accumulation of fibrin, a protein involved in blood clotting.

Excess fibrin can hinder blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues which means your recovery from activity is delayed, and that any soreness lasts much longer than it has to.

Solve Your Hip Pain At Our Next Workshop: “How to Solve Joint Pain and Improve Joint Longevity”

Ready to take control of your joint health and discover the secrets, proven strategies, and most effective treatments so you can enjoy an active life?

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Here are the workshop details:

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Location: 366 San Miguel Dr. Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660 OR: Join us virtually

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to keep your joints pain-free and mobile, so you can continue enjoying an active and vibrant life.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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