3 Common Mistakes That Stop Over 50’s From Hiking, Surfing, Tennis, And Golf

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At this time of year, many people in their 50s and beyond are getting more active – hiking, surfing, and returning to the golf course or tennis court.

And if that’s you, I know how important it is to be able to take part in your favorite sports and activities as you get older.

For a lot of people who visit us at Anderson Sport and Wellness, it’s the highlight of their week and allows them to have fun, recharge their batteries and catch up with friends.

And it’s scary to feel like you have to slow down and miss out on things you look forward to doing.

But if you’re not able to hike, surf, golf, or play tennis because of aches, injuries, and pain, we appreciate how frustrated you must be.

In this blog, you can discover 3 of the most common mistakes people in their 50s make when trying to enjoy an active lifestyle – so you can spot the things you’re doing that lead to more pain, less mobility, and being unable to do the things that you love.

Mistake 1 – Doing Too Much, Too Soon And Getting Injured

A common mistake at all ages that leads to debilitating injuries is doing too much, too soon.

But this is especially relevant for people over 50 where you can be particularly vulnerable to overuse injuries.

So if you plan on taking a golf trip, or a vacation where you’ll be hiking or surfing a lot, then you should start gradually increasing your activity levels in preparation.

Aim to start ramping up your activity levels from around 6 weeks before the event, and you should find that you’re able to fully take part without causing yourself a serious injury or suffering agonizing pain for days afterward.

Mistake 2 – Not Getting Help When You Feel Pain

Another common mistake that leads to those over 50 being unable to do the activities and sports they love is to ignore warning signs from our bodies.

You know your body better than anyone so if you notice tightness, stiffness, or pain, this is an indicator that something may not be right.

And if you’re very active (or you used to be), you’ll be able to tell the difference between the normal aches, and the more serious pain.

Ignoring these warning signs, and continuing to push through massively increases the chance of something that could be treated very quickly and easily, turning into a much more serious problem.

So, if something doesn’t feel right, get help now.

Mistake 3 – Having A Poor Recovery Strategy

The final mistake for over 50s who want to enjoy an active life is to have a poor recovery strategy.

Being physically active places demands on our body, and our recovery strategy can make a big difference in whether we can handle it.

The basics are to ensure that you are staying hydrated, eating well, and getting great sleep.

For that third point – getting great sleep – we know that this can be very challenging if you’ve got back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, and mean you aren’t able to get comfortable in bed and often wake up due to pain.

If this sounds familiar, and you find yourself exhausted due to terrible sleep, this is something we can help with – find out by arranging a

Another element of your recovery strategy that can drastically speed up your recovery, restore health, and help you feel great is the MELT Method – a very popular class for people like you in our Newport Beach clinic,

Our MELT classes create a strong, flexible body and promote and maintain great posture.

Mobility is restored to your joints and soft tissues in just a few minutes each day.

Sleep and digestion improve.

Aches and pains decrease or are erased.

Tension and stress are decreased.

And you will see and feel results after just one session.

You can read more about MELT in our blog – Research shows that the MELT Method Benefits Low Back Pain

Want To Stay Fit, Strong, And Active In Later Life?

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