Half Your Concussion Recovery Time And Get Back To Performing Your Best

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A concussion can be a debilitating, and frightening condition for anyone to deal with – whether it’s caused by a sporting incident, a fall, or a car accident.

And if you’re suffering from concussion symptoms like nausea, regular headaches, memory loss, brain fog, and an inability to focus, amongst many other things, we appreciate that you’re desperate for a quick recovery.

When a concussion does strike, what is the best way to treat it, and is there anything that you can do to speed it up?

How Long Does A Full Recovery From Concussion Take?

Everyone is unique, and as with all injuries it depends on a number of factors.

However, typically, a mild concussion recovery time will feel better, and regain their full cognitive function within 14 days.

In some cases, concussion can last a lot longer, with post-concussion syndrome being diagnosed for people who’ve suffered from concussion symptoms for 3 months or longer.

During this time, you can be suffering from concussion symptoms like headaches, memory loss, brain fog, and struggle to balance and coordinate.

When you are dealing with these symptoms, you’re absolutely going to struggle to perform best in your sport, at work, and at home which is why so many people are asking the question…

“How can I speed up my concussion recovery, and get back to normal?”

How To Speed Up Concussion Recovery Time

We regularly work with athletes, ranging from amateur to elite level professionals, and help them to recover from concussion and sports injuries in half the time it normally takes.

In certain sports, such as football and water polo, concussions are very common and we appreciate that if you’ve got a concussion, you want to do everything possible to recover quickly.

One Of Many Concussion Recovery Success Stories

Within a single session at Anderson Sport and Wellness, you can get drastic improvements just like Noah, an elite water polo athlete who gave permission for us to share his story.

Noah was elbowed in the head during a game and suffered whiplash and a concussion.

He decided to “wait and see” if it would get better, and a week later, he was still suffering from daily headaches, neck pain, sensitivity to bright lights, brain fog, feeling slowed down, and nausea that was even interfering with sleep.

He realized something needed to be done because it wasn’t getting better.

On the day he came to see us which was a week after the injury, he was feeling everything mentioned above but still tried to go to school.

He only made it through one class and then had to go home because the symptoms were so bad, and this is a tough young man who can push through a lot.

He looked miserable when I (Dr. Anderson) met him in the waiting room.

But after just 1 hour of treatment, his neck pain was gone, his headache was gone, and his nausea was gone.

And he had more energy and said he felt so much better.

The next day he could do all his classes at school but one, and his nausea never came back.

After a few more sessions, Noah made a full recovery so he could study at school, and return to playing water polo.

This dramatic recovery from concussion was possible because of our expert team, and the power of Neubie technology…

How Does Neubie Technology Work?

The Neubie is a phenomenal tool, and our specialist team are certified practitioners who can help you recover after a concussion significantly faster than usual.

We do this by tailoring the electrical stimulation protocols based on your specific needs and goals, and due to our expertise, we are able to get faster results than lesser-trained practitioners.

But how does Neubie technology work?

The Neubie device utilizes a unique form of electrical stimulation called NeuFit Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Unlike traditional EMS devices, the Neubie delivers a high-frequency, low-intensity direct current that targets specific muscles, nerves, and connective tissues.

This precise stimulation activates and enhances the body’s natural healing and performance processes, unlike any other device.

Most electrical stimulation devices run on alternating (AC) current, which does not promote healing to the extent that the Neubie does, partially because it runs on the same type of current as the body – direct current (DC), and partially because of the proprietary waveform of the current.  

In short, the Neubie technology accelerates recovery by turning down nerves and neurons that are working too hard, and turning up the ones that are under-functioning due to the injury.

Speed Up Your Concussion Recovery Time

If you are suffering from concussion, and you want to be fit and ready for your next game, you want to be mentally sharp for work, or you’re unable to take care of yourself or your family because of sickness and dizziness, then our team and the Neubie technology within our clinic can rapidly speed up your recovery.

Whether it’s a recent injury, or you’re still struggling to recover from a bump to the head several months ago, we can help!

We appreciate that you may be skeptical, or unsure whether this is right for you – after all, many of our patients receive very confusing, or vague advice when they visit their doctor.

This is why we offer you the opportunity to speak to one of our experts on a 1 to 1 basis, for free!

You can arrange a Free Discovery Visit, come to our Newport Beach clinic, share your story, and get personalized advice on the best treatment options suited to your unique circumstances.

Arrange Your Free Discovery Visit

If you prefer, you can speak to us from the comfort of your home too in a Free Telephone Consultation.

Whichever option feels right for you is fine by us – the main thing is that you take action and get the help you need because we understand how debilitating and challenging living with a concussion can be.

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