I’m Doing Stretches, So Why Are My Back And Neck Still Sore?!

Woman Doing A Neck Stretch At Work

If your back and neck pain is ruining your leisure time – stopping you from golf, pickleball, surfing, and playing with your kids or grandkids – it can leave you feeling very frustrated.

And even when you try to take it easy – like the doctor told you to do – you’re in pain.

Even when you’re sitting down for a family meal at your local restaurant or watching your favorite TV show, your back and neck feels stiff, tight, and sore!

Many people come to us struggling with this, and are desperate for it to end.

It affects their hobbies and social life.

It affects their work.

It affects their home life.

It even affects their ability to sleep, take care of themselves, and in later life, stay independent.

So What Should You Do If Your Back And Neck Is Hurting, Stiff, And Taking Over Your Life?

One answer you may have heard is to do stretches to relieve tension, and exercises to strengthen weak muscles that are contributing to your back and neck pain.

This isn’t bad advice.

But here’s where it goes wrong…

People head to Google, YouTube, or follow someone on social media who claims to have unlocked the secret (while having very little qualifications or a proven track record of helping people).

And this leads to many people – maybe even you – wasting your time, energy, and even money on stretching and exercise programs that make your pain WORSE!

How frustrating is it that you’ve woke up early to do a stretching routine hoping that it would fix your back for the day, only to find it made no difference?

Or that you have been stretching your neck while sitting at your desk every hour, and it’s getting more painful and uncomfortable.

It’s a common problem that affects many people but there is a better way.

Why Do Stretches And Exercises That Are Supposed To Fix Your Back & Neck Pain Make It Worse?!

To answer this, we actually have the opportunity for you to visit our clinic (or join virtually) for a FREE workshop that answers exactly this.

As well as helping you understand exactly why the stretches and exercises you’re doing aren’t helping.

And what to do instead.

So click the link below now to register your space.

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It’s on Saturday 2nd September at 11:00 AM, at our clinic (366 San Miguel Dr, Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660).

But hurry – there are ONLY 10 spaces available for the in-clinic experience!

Save Your Seat At Our Back And Neck Pain Workshop

If you can’t make that date or time, still register and we can send you the recording so you don’t miss out.

In this workshop, you can:

  • Discover proven stretches to relieve tight muscles and stiff joints
  • Find out the secrets to ending back and neck pain that has saved hundreds of people from surgery
  • Learn about the most effective exercises to get back to an active lifestyle that you love
  • Get expert advice from one of the leading back pain experts in Newport Beach for free

So if you are desperate to end your back and neck pain, and want to get back to playing sports, get a good night’s sleep, and end your fear of surgery in the near future, this FREE workshop is for you.

Register For Free To Our Back And Neck Pain Workshop

For Immediate Back Pain Relief, Download Your Free Report

If you can’t wait for the upcoming workshop, you can get instant access to expert advice on relieving back and sciatica pain through our popular free report – 9 Little Known Tips To Relieve Back or Neck Pain.

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Prefer To Get More Personalized Advice On Fixing Your Bad Back?

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