5 Tips for Exercising as a Busy Mom

​It is not easy to find time to do regular self-care in general as moms, nonetheless find time to exercise. If you are one of the many moms out there who cannot find time to exercise, this is for you.
Here are my top 5 tips for exercising as busy moms…

Tip #1: adjust your mindset of what a “good workout” looks like. Do you believe that a “good workout” looks like an intense 45 minute sweat-sesh? Or a 4-5 mile long run? As busy moms, sometimes that’s just not realistic. I challenge you to ask yourself– what is your current definition of a “good workout” and what can you realistically fit into your schedule? Be honest with yourself.  
It might be more realistic for you to start finding 5-10 minutes of your day to get in some kind of exercise. Movement does not have to be this intense 45-minute workout to be called exercise. Start small and start realistic. 

Try a 5 to 10 minute exercise video. Go for a 15-minute walk. Do some stretching before you go to bed for 10 minutes. Sometimes starting with just 5-10 minutes of movement will lead to more. If it does, great! If it doesn’t, no big deal! All movement counts!

Tip #2: set boundaries on the time that you are going to exercise. I find scheduling exercise on my calendar like an appointment works best for me. I know this doesn’t necessarily work for everybody, but if that works for you, put it on your calendar! 
You might also have to plan ahead. Do you need your partner to make breakfast for the kids tomorrow so you can workout in the morning? Do you need to plan for a slightly longer lunch break so you can exercise in the middle of your work day? 

Get those obstacles out of the way ahead of time. It will make finding the time to exercise MUCH easier. 

Tip #3: involve your kids. Workout around them. Let them workout with you. Play tag and run with them in the backyard. Go outside for a walk together or a bike ride. That is all exercise and you’re doing it with your kiddos which allows everyone to have some fun and get your bodies moving. Win, win!

Tip #4: get your workout planned and workout space ready to go. Analysis paralysis can be TOUGH to break through when it comes to working out, especially if you are working out at home. Instead of trying to figure out what kind of workout you are going to do in the moment, plan it out ahead of time and get all the necessary equipment ready to go. Take one step further and even plan out what clothing you are going to wear and set them out. 

Tip #5: reward the small successes. Anytime that you can find time to work out should be acknowledged as a success. It’s not easy to find time to exercise as busy mamas. When you get the opportunity to workout, you should give yourself some credit and congratulate yourself for doing it. Give yourself a high five mama! You did it! 

BONUS TIP!!! Give yourself grace along the way. We are busy moms. Not always do we have time to exercise. And even when we have everything planned out, life will happen.

Giving yourself grace, adjusting your mindset around exercise, creating a plan, and staying consistent will lead you to greater success in establishing and sticking to an exercise routine.

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