One-on-One Physical Therapy

At Anderson Sport and Wellness Physical Therapy Corporation, pre-hab, post-hab and personal training/sports conditioning all follow the same philosophy. All services are one on one for the entire 60 minute session with a doctor of physical therapy. We believe complete healing requires active participation on your part and in most cases includes but is not limited to gentle soft tissue mobilization techniques including myofascial release, Jones' Strain Counterstrain, MELT Method self-care, and exercise. This approach promotes permanent structural change, eliminating pain and other symptoms.

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MELT​ creates a strong, flexible body and promotes and maintains upright posture. Mobility is restored to your joints and soft tissues in just minutes a day. Sleep and digestion improve. Aches and pains decrease or are erased. Tension and stress are decreased. You will see and feel results after just one session!

At Anderson Sport & Wellness, Dr. Nicole Anderson teaches MELT group classes, private and semi-private sessions. 

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Do you have a fitness goal and aren’t sure how to get there? The exercise program in our unique Total Body Boot Camp was specifically designed BY A PHYSICAL THERAPIST for people who want to get active or stay active without getting injured. With our small class sizes (10 people max.) you won’t get lost in the crowd and can get one-on-one attention from your certified trainer.  Anderson Sport and Wellness is the perfect place to exercise in a fun and safe way.

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We offer physical therapist-led fitness classes. 

Our physical therapist-led fitness classes are designed by a physical therapist with injury prevention and health optimization in mind. Classes include:

  • Pilates
  • Sports Performance
  • Personal Training

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Year of Care Wellness Memberships

  • Individual 50 minute session includes your preference of massage or personal training or both. You choose the day of the visit.
  • Includes one group class per month at $360 value per year for FREE. 
  • You must use all the sessions in your membership in a 12 month period. Sessions do not carry over year to year.

Tune-Up Membership

$89 Monthly AutoPay
  • One session bi-monthly
  • One year commitment
  • Save $372 per year!


$175 Monthly AutoPay
  • 1 session per month
  • One year commitment
  • Save $420 per year!


$340 Monthly AutoPay
  • 2 sessions per month
  • One year commitment
  • Save $480 per year!


$640 Monthly AutoPay
  • 4 Sessions Per Month
  • One year commitment
  • Save $1,320 per year!


$1,240 Monthly AutoPay
  • 8 sessions per month
  • One year commitment
  • Save $2,760 per year!