Body Reboot Class

What to Expect at a Total Body Reboot Class at Anderson Sport & Wellness

The Body Reboot class series was designed by Dr. Nicole Anderson in order to make your muscles work together correctly and prevent the causes of common aches and pains at the root level.

Do you have a fitness goal and aren’t sure how to get there? The exercise program in our unique Body Reboot class was specifically designed for people who want to get active or stay active without getting injured. With our small class sizes (8 people max.) you won’t get lost in the crowd and can get one-on-one attention from your expert instructor.  Anderson Sport and Wellness is the perfect place to exercise in a fun and safe way.

This is a fitness class, NOT a physical therapy group session. If you have a current injury, call and ask us to speak with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for free and find out if you can safely participate.

Level 1 Total Body Reboot

No special equipment required! The Level 1 Body Reboot class is normally offered both in the clinic and LIVE online. Due to COVID 19 it is online only at this time. It is a strength and conditioning fitness class designed by Doctor of Physical Therapy Nicole Anderson with a focus on preventing the causes of pain in the body including neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and ankle pain. This class is best for someone who is completely new to fitness or easing back in. This level 1 Re-boot class helps people get up and down off the floor, climb the stairs, reach to grab something from the top shelf, and prevent falls.

Level 2 Total Body Reboot

Level 2 Body Reboot class is normally offered in the clinic and as a LIVE online strength and conditioning fitness class. Due to COVID 19 it is only offered online at this time. This class is best for someone who has some fitness already and wants hike, run, surf, stand up paddleboard, kayak, ski, or snowboard better and without injuries.


Build the strength you need for an active lifestyle PLUS feel and look great!

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